Malaysian Food · January 3, 2023

Teh Tarik Madu Featured

Teh Tarik Madu: A Sweet Twist to Our National Drink

Teh Tarik Madu: A Sweet Twist to Our National Drink

Teh Tarik Madu is a refreshing iced tea beverage that is gaining popularity across Malaysia. It is a delightful variation of the well-known Teh Tarik, with the addition of honey as a sweetener. Sometimes referred to as Teh Tarik Madu Kaw, the term “madu” translates to “honey” in Bahasa Malaysia, while “kaw” means “thick” in the Chinese Hokkien dialect.

The incorporation of honey into the traditional Teh Tarik recipe gives this drink a distinct flavor profile. However, the true highlight of this beverage lies in the by-product of its preparation, which is an abundant frothy foam that forms on top.

The trend of Teh Tarik Madu is believed to have originated in Kelantan, where local eateries embraced and popularized the drink through word-of-mouth recommendations and social media. Today, you can find variations of this drink in different parts of Malaysia. Some establishments serve it as a float by adding a scoop of ice cream, while others pair it with cincau (herbal grass jelly) for a unique twist. Many vendors have also developed their own frothy creations using coffee, matcha green tea, air bandung, and other flavorful ingredients.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Teh Tarik or looking to try something new, Teh Tarik Madu offers a delightful and refreshing beverage option. Its sweet honey infusion and the abundance of frothy foam make it a unique and enjoyable treat. Be sure to explore the diverse variations available across Malaysia, as vendors continue to experiment and create exciting combinations.