Malaysian Food · March 8, 2022

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Penang Hokkien Hae Mee: The Iconic Prawn Noodle Soup

Penang Hokkien Hae Mee: The Iconic Prawn Noodle Soup

Penang Hokkien Hae Mee is one of the most iconic soup noodles from Penang Malaysia. Originating from China’s Fujian province, this tantalizing dish has its own unique twist in Penang. In Penang, this dish is simply called Hokkien Mee, not to be confused with the Hokkien Mee that can be found in other parts of Malaysia and Singapore.

The heart and soul of a good Penang Hokkien Hae Mee lies in its sweet and aromatic prawn soup. The prawn broth is carefully crafted by simmering prawn shells and heads for hours, allowing their flavours to infuse the stock. To further elevate the prawn essence, pork ribs are added after the shells have been boiled, imparting a rich and meaty undertone to the soup.

To add a fiery kick to the dish, a chilli paste made from dried chilies, shallots, garlic, and salt is incorporated into the soup. Surprisingly, the spicy flavor complements the inherent prawny and meaty notes, enhancing the overall experience without overpowering it.

A classic bowl of Penang Hokkien Hae Mee showcases a harmonious blend of yellow noodles and rice vermicelli. These noodles are blanched to perfection before being topped with essential ingredients. Expect to find shelled prawns, kangkung (water convolvulus), bean sprouts, sliced pork, pig skin, and a hard-boiled egg gracing the bowl. Some stalls offer additional toppings, such as tender pork ribs (often those used to cook the soup stock) and slices of delectable roast pork, for an extra indulgence.

As each element of the dish is prepared separately, the noodles and toppings are scalded before being artfully arranged in the bowl. The hot soup is then lovingly ladled over the noodles, enveloping them in its flavourful embrace. To enhance the visual appeal and add a delightful crunch, the steaming bowl of noodles is adorned with crispy fried shallots and sometimes even crispy deep-fried lard.

As one of the most renowned hawker dishes on Penang Island, Penang Hokkien Hae Mee can be easily found in numerous hawker centers and coffee shops scattered across the region.