Malaysian Food · August 30, 2021

Sang Nyuk Mian Feature

Sang Nyuk Mian: The Famous Pork Noodle Dish from Sabah

Sang Nyuk Mian: The Famous Pork Noodle Dish from Sabah

Sang Nyuk Mian 生肉面 is a beloved soup dish that hails from Tawau, Sabah. It all started back in 1979 when two brothers ventured into the kopitiam business, dishing out their unique mixed pork soup. Inspired by the Teochew mixed pork and preserved cabbage soup, they originally served it with a side of rice. But as time went on, they decided to give it a noodle twist and named it Sang Nyuk Mian, meaning ‘raw meat noodle’ in the Hakka dialect. Why the name, you ask? Well, it’s because they quickly blanch the raw meat slices in hot soup before serving, adding an extra punch of freshness!

Now, imagine a piping hot bowl of pork bone broth, brimming with flavour and goodness. On top of that, you’ll find thinly-sliced pork, pork offal, greens, and an array of noodles to choose from. Whether you fancy some thin rice noodles, flat rice noodles, Hokkien noodles, or even the option of having it in a soupy or dry form (mixed with soy sauce), each kopitiam puts their own special touch to create a tantalizing feast that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

While Sang Nyuk Mian might remind you of the pork noodle soup found in West Malaysia, let me tell you, it’s got its own unique swagger. The pork broth in Sang Nyuk Mian comes infused with preserved cabbage, and the selection and processing of the meat are different from what you’ll find in the West Malaysian version. These little tweaks give Sang Nyuk Mian its own distinctive taste, aroma, and texture, making it a true standout in the realm of Malaysian cuisine.

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Sabah, be sure to seek out Sang Nyuk Mian in the bustling local kopitiams. It’s a dish that truly embodies the spirit of Malaysia and will leave you with a satisfied belly and a newfound appreciation for Sabah’s food.