Malaysian Food · October 17, 2021

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Puding DiRaja: A Dessert Made for The Royalties of Pahang

Puding DiRaja: A Dessert Made for The Royalties of Pahang

Welcome to the regal realm of Puding DiRaja (Royal Pudding), a specialty dessert hailing from the enchanting region of Pekan, Pahang. Originally crafted to grace the tables of Pahang’s esteemed Royalties, this delectable creation has now found its way to select restaurants and food stalls in the royal town of Pekan.

Despite the name, Puding DiRaja is not so much a pudding. It is more like a banana dish of decorated with fruits and nuts. Its basic ingredients are usually bananas, evaporated milk, prunes, candied cherries and cashew nuts. To add variety and to give a sweeter taste to the dish, other fruits like prunes, cherries and dates are also added. The dessert is garnished with jala mas (sweet golden threads akin to lace pancakes), which is made from duck egg yolks and sugar. The bananas often used are called “Pisang lemak manis”, which is a local cultivar of sweeter bananas. However, other banana varieties can also be used.

Puding DiRaja is best enjoyed chilled, allowing the flavours to meld and harmonize. It is traditionally served with a luscious sauce crafted from milk and cornflour, adding a velvety touch to each spoonful. Today, this delightful treat has gained popularity during special festivals, weddings, and as a special afternoon tea indulgence for families on weekends.