Malaysian Food · April 12, 2022

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Kam Heong Crab: The Amazing Seafood Dish that Showcases Malaysia’s Cultural Diversity

Kam Heong Crab: The Amazing Seafood Dish that Showcases Malaysia's Cultural Diversity

Kam Heong Crab is a special seafood dish of Malaysia with a tantalising name. It looks, smells and tastes pleasing, and for good reasons too! Kam Heong (甘香), literally means “sweet fragrance” in Cantonese, is a culinary cooking style that was developed in Malaysia – heavily influenced by the cultural diversity of Malaysia.

The making of Kam Heong Crab primarily involves mixing a variety of local spices and sauces that produces a mouth-watering taste when stir-fried with crabs. Ingredients such as crushed dried shrimps, garlic, onions, oyster sauce would be enough to create a mouth-watering flavour on their own, but the addition of curry powder, curry leaves and bird’s eye chillies surely adds another layer of Malaysian flair and extra kicks to the dish. The blend of these aromatic ingredients with the famous Chinese hot wok style stir-frying allowed wonderful fragrance to be released during the cooking process. Reflecting back on the name again, it really is no surprise that the dish is referred to as the “sweet fragrance”.

Kam Heong in Cantonese also sounds exactly like 金香 or “golden fragrance”. Either way, both names are equally suitable to describe the delicious dish.

Kam Heong cooking style itself popular enough to provide even more cooking choices. Crab dishes aside, you’ll find that Kam Heong clams, squids, prawns or chicken dishes or even the special Kam Heong fried noodles. are all well-loved by our local foodies and tourists alike. Kam Heong dishes can be found in Chinese restaurants and hawker stalls.