Malaysian Food · April 12, 2022

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Kam Heong Crab: The Amazing Seafood Dish that Showcases Malaysia’s Cultural Diversity

Kam Heong Crab: The Amazing Seafood Dish that Showcases Malaysia's Cultural Diversity

Kam Heong Crab is a tantalizing seafood dish that holds a special place in Malaysian cuisine. Its name, “Kam Heong” (甘香) in Cantonese, translates to “sweet fragrance,” and it perfectly captures the alluring aroma and delightful flavours that make this dish a true culinary gem.

The art of preparing Kam Heong Crab involves a medley of local spices and sauces that come together in a harmonious symphony when stir-fried with fresh crabs. With ingredients like crushed dried shrimps, garlic, onions, and oyster sauce, the flavors alone are enough to make your taste buds dance. But it’s the addition of curry powder, curry leaves, and bird’s eye chillies that adds a distinct Malaysian flair and a delightful kick to the dish. As these fragrant ingredients mingle and sizzle in the hot wok, their aromatic essence fills the air, truly justifying the dish’s name of “sweet fragrance.”

Interestingly, the Cantonese pronunciation of Kam Heong also sounds like 金香 or “golden fragrance.” Regardless of how you interpret it, both names perfectly capture the essence of this delectable creation.

The Kam Heong cooking style extends beyond crabs and offers an array of mouthwatering options. From Kam Heong clams, squids, prawns, and chicken to the beloved Kam Heong fried noodles, there are plenty of choices for food enthusiasts to explore. Whether you’re dining at a traditional Chinese restaurant or indulging in street food at a bustling hawker stall, you’ll find Kam Heong dishes that showcase the vibrant flavours and culinary prowess of Malaysia.

So, when you find yourself embarking on a culinary adventure through Malaysia, be sure to treat yourself to the delightful Kam Heong Crab and other dishes prepared in this beloved style.