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Tuaran Mee: The Iconic Eggy Noodle Dish from Tuaran Sabah

Tuaran Mee: The Iconic Eggy Noodle Dish from Tuaran Sabah

Nestled in the heart of Sabah, the town of Tuaran holds a hidden culinary gem known as Tuaran Mee 斗亚兰面. This beloved noodle dish traces its roots back to a small restaurant where a family’s humble beginnings turned into a culinary sensation. Join us as we explore the origins, unique characteristics, and widespread popularity of Tuaran Mee.

In 1952, a visionary woman named Madam Si opened a modest restaurant in Tuaran with a simple goal – to provide for her family. It was there, in the confines of her kitchen, that Madam Si crafted a special noodle dish that would captivate the taste buds of locals and visitors alike. Her secret? Using an abundance of egg yolks in the noodle dough, creating a distinctive eggy flavour and aroma that set her creation apart.

Word of Madam Si’s delectable creation spread like wildfire, drawing crowds from far and wide to taste the renowned Tuaran Mee. As the demand grew, Madam Si enlisted the help of skilled chefs to prepare her signature dish. With their expertise, the dish reached new heights of popularity and became synonymous with the town of Tuaran itself.

At the heart of Tuaran Mee lies its unique noodle. Made with a generous amount of egg yolks, the noodles boast a distinctive richness that sets them apart from other varieties. The cooking process is equally important, as the noodles are shallow-fried until the bottom achieves a tantalizing crunch and charred perfection. Local vegetables are then added, infusing the dish with freshness and vibrant flavors. To elevate the experience, slices of succulent roast pork and egg rolls are added, creating a harmonious medley of textures and tastes. It is worth noting that the use of lihing, a traditional rice wine of the Kadazan-Dusun people, contributes to the dish’s unique flavour profile.

With its irresistible appeal, Tuaran Mee quickly gained popularity beyond the confines of its hometown. Restaurants in Tuaran and other parts of Sabah began replicating the dish, introducing it to a wider audience.

Today, Tuaran Mee has achieved iconic status, firmly establishing itself as one of Sabah’s most beloved culinary treasures. Its presence can be found in numerous restaurants throughout the region, delighting locals and visitors alike.

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