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Teh C Special Feature

Teh C Special: The Special Milk Tea Served with Palm Sugar Syrup from Kuching

Teh C Special: The Special Milk Tea Served with Palm Sugar Syrup from Kuching

Teh C Special is a refreshing iced milk tea that hails from Kuching, Sarawak. Distinct from the commonly found Teh C Peng in Malaysia, which is sweetened iced tea with evaporated milk, Teh C Special is truly deserving of its name due to its unique presentation and use of a richer palm sugar syrup, resulting in three distinct layers of ingredients.

This delightful beverage is believed to have originated in the food court at 7th Mile Bazaar in Kota Sentosa, Kuching, and has since gained immense popularity throughout Sarawak. Its fame has even extended beyond the region, as it is now marketed and exported to Peninsular Malaysia, where it is commonly referred to as Three-layer Tea (Teh Tiga Lapis in Bahasa Malaysia).

The sugar syrup used in Teh C Special can be derived from various types of palm sugar, such as gula melaka, gula anau, or gula kabung. However, in Sarawak, it is typically made using the region’s special palm sugar known as gula apong. This distinctive palm sugar syrup imparts a delectable richness that sets Teh C Special apart from teas sweetened with regular cane sugar.

To enjoy Teh C Special, it is customary to stir the drink thoroughly with a long spoon or straw, ensuring that the three layers beautifully combine. The amount and vigor with which you stir the palm sugar syrup at the bottom of the tea can be adjusted to achieve your desired overall sweetness.

Additionally, there exists a variation of Teh C Special that features a green layer of sugar syrup infused with pandan, adding an aromatic twist to the beverage. Furthermore, for those seeking an even more extravagant experience, there is a five-layer version of Teh C Special, which includes the essential three ingredients along with the aforementioned pandan syrup and cincau (herbal grass jelly), further enhancing the complexity of flavors.

Teh C Special is a beloved and refreshing treat, perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day or simply indulging in a unique and satisfying beverage experience. Whether you savor the classic version or explore the enticing variations, Teh C Special is a delightful culinary creation that continues to captivate milk tea enthusiasts across Malaysia.

Teh C Special